Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey there, peeps! Long time, no see. I wish I had a better reason than "life is super busy" to explain my blogging absence, but I don't.

Life is super busy. Here's a quick look into a typical day...
7am-9:45ish: wake up, feed Oscarboy, shower, get ready for the day
10am-3pm: intern
3:30-4:30pm: eat quick dinner/snack, feed Oscar if he doesn't have food leftover from breakfast, change for work
5-10pm: work
10pm: eat dinner, play with Oscar to lessen my guilt of leaving him alone all day, do any household chores that need to be done
midnight-2am: relax and attempt to fall asleep to get a few hours of good sleep in before I wake up and do it all over again!

So there isn't a whole lot of free time in my schedule. I really miss blogging though, so I'm going to try and make it a bit more of a priority.

However, you can find me guest-posting on my friend Whitney's blog Sometimes Always Never today! Whitney is in Africa right now doing great things, and she was sweet enough to ask me if I'd guest-post for her one day while she's gone. Click over and read about my struggle trusting my gut :)

Have a good Monday y'all!

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