Monday, September 2, 2013

Kayce Hughes: Atlanta

such cute hangers! via Matchbook

On one of my recent "get out the apartment and get human interaction" trips*, I went to the West Side Provisions district of Atlanta to poke around and hand my resume out and get some sunshine. I interned over there last summer, so I'm pretty familar with the area, but it's exploded in the past year! So many new stores have opened up.

One of them is Kayce Hughes. I'd read an article about Kayce in Southern Living or Matchbook or a similar magazine a while back and really loved the aesthetic of the store and clothing, but the only store at the time was in Nashville. It was great to be able to pop into the store and see everything in person!

all photos from Kayce Hughes: Atlanta (it's way cuter in person!)

I'm kind of obsessed. Not only is the store itself adorable and colorful without being overwhelming, it's accessible and reasonably priced too. Plus the clothes are too cute.

Basic Button Down Shirt (love that heart print!)

So cute, right? And all so fun, bright and happy! I wish I'd gotten some snaps of the store while I was there, as the pictures from Facebook are out of date, and it was such an adorable space. I'll just have to go back!

*how pathetic is it that I have these trips? As someone who scores in the 80-100% introverted range, I'm totally fine with going days without speaking to people, but my parents have convinced me to get some social interaction once in a while...which sounds way more pathetic than it is

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  1. Oh my god, sometimes I go and sit in coffee shops just to be around people my own age. When you're in a new city, where you don't know many people, you totally need to make sure you get out sometimes--introverted or not! I really wish it were more socially appropriate to go up to people and ask them to be my friends :)


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