Monday, September 30, 2013

Five Things

Here's a few things that I've been loving lately...enjoy!

1. This Gap tee is the perfect mix of fitted and drapey. I bought the white one on a whim one day, and I think I wore it three days in a row. I want one in every color and multiple white ones because it's SO good and I have a feeling Gap won't make it again. Size tip: buy your normal Gap size or a size smaller!

2. This Clinique eyeliner is seriously awesome. I used it a while back, but when I ran out I decided to save some money and went with a cheaper pencil that smudged in about 5 seconds and would routinely give me raccoon eyes. Not cute. I bought the Clinique eyeliner a week or so ago, used it yesterday and not only took a nap but forgot to take it off before I went to sleep and it still looked fresh both times with no smudging. Thumbs up.

3. Talenti's Double Dark Chocolate Pops: Seriously one of the most decadent grocery store splurges I've ever made. These babies are a chocoholic's dream...I am thinking about stockpiling just in case. I found mine at Publix, but you can use the store locator to find some near you! They don't look like much, but they taste amazing.

4. These Tory Burch boots. Drooling over how amazingly perfect these are. They're very similar to my current, well-loved riding boots, but are so sleek and chic. Even the black is beautiful...and I think black boots are nearly impossible hard to get exactly right. If these happened to show up as a birthday present next week, I wouldn't hate it... :) ps: these boots are amaze too!

5. The Westside Provisions District is easily one of my favorite parts of Atlanta. So many great stores, but the food scene over there is seriously the best. I dream (literally) about Star Provisions' brownies and baked goods and can never get enough Taqueria del Sol in my life. My friend Patrick lives within walking distance, so we've been soaking up the beautiful weather and enjoying Westside whenever I'm over at his place.

What have you been loving lately?? Anything good I need to know about?

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  1. I cant hear enough good things about westside provisions district. I cant wait to check it out when i get down there!


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