Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching Up

So you've probably been wondering where I've been for the past few days. Honestly, I just wasn't feeling like blogging. I had other things going on and little blog posts just fell by the wayside. (Obviously my new editorial calendar is working out so well...)

Anyway. There's lots and lots and lotssss of sales going on right now and lots of good stuff! Here's a few things I'm loving/wanting/already have ordered...


The mocs and sneakers are on their way to me, and I seriously contemplate the bucket bag, loafers, jeans (a great basic pair for a steal!) and the striped top (of course)! And how very Kate Middleton is that coat? I have no idea when or how I'd wear it, but I love it.


I scooped up the polka dotted lingerie set after work the other day because I've been wanting it since it first came out...and since I found my size on sale, it was shopping fate! I debated over the little pup mug for pens for my desk, and I think I might have to pop in and grab it because of the cuteness factor. I might have to get another set of my beloved Latte bowls to replace a few that are looking a bit sad...hmm.

I haven't even looked at J. Crew yet...eek! So many good deals out there!!! What do you have your eye on? Any great sales I need to check out?

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